About SlushBox Gallery
SlushBox was originally launched in 2005 as an 'online only' gallery by JR and Amanda Linton (the evil geniuses behind Ink and Pistons Tattoo and Stitch Rock) as a vehicle for owner JR Linton's art work. By 2012 JR and Amanda expendand their vision and brought their two interests together, opening Ink and Pistons Tattoo and Slushbox Art Gallery in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Our 2500 square foot space seamlessly merges Tattooing, Lowbrow and Outsider Art with our love of Hot Rods and Kustom Kulture all in one location. Representing over 50 different artists locally and from around the world, who are not interested in eating ramen noodles for the rest of their lives.(Don't get me wrong I love ramen as much as Naruto but come on not for every meal!) We host regular art openings, workshops and events in our dedicated gallery space. Here visitors can come and check out sick art both on the walls and on the skin.

We also carry an assortment of handmade and independent goods including; t-shirts, prints, jewelry, accessories and other goodies. You can see most of our unique finds throughout our online store. But some items you'll just have to come in to get.

You should be browsing the artwork anyway, not reading this crap. Now get to it"
Art Submissions
We are always seeking new artists and encourage you to submit us your work. Whether you have never shown in a gallery setting before or have been around the block, if you are interested in exhibiting your work the gallery and feel your work fits with our esthetic, contact us and we will try respond at our earliest convenience. Please do not be offended or discouraged if you do not hear from us as we have a high volume of submissions. Also many of our shows are themed and we may feel that your work may be more appropriate for a certain show, at which point we may send you out specific information for those shows.

To submit your artwork email us the following to info@inkandpistons.com:
  • Artist Name
  • A short Introduction
  • JPEG images with the medium and size of the work
  • Website address (preferred but not required)
The best way to find out about what shows are coming up is to sign up for the upcoming show mailing list:
Unsolicited art will not be returned. Please don't send us original art, unless they are nude poleroids those are OK but still won't be returned.
We have a New Location!!!

We are conveniently in located West Palm Beach, we are on Belvedere Road near I-95. Look for the free standing grey and green building just East of I-95 on the North side of the road, before Parker.

923 Belvedere Rd
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561) 832-4655

About The Gallery Curators

Amanda Linton
Amanda was born into a family of makers, bakers, and true Do-It Yourself-ers. Her childhood was filled with endless ideas and supplies to keep her little hands busy creating.

Amanda pretty much runs everything. If it is crafty or artsy and resides in the county of Palm Beach, shes got her hands in it. She puts on the most kick-ass Indie Craft Show and Bazaar once a year called "Stitch Rock" as well as a few other shows through out the year. When she's not wearing all the hats that are required of her at the gallery and the tattoo shop she is busy painting-glueing-cutting-crafting her own unique blend of kawaii goodness.

Random facts about Amanda: She uses her calculator daily, is 10% Ninja, is addicted to chocolate, has been to Japan twice (getting ready for trip 3), has ridden in a hot air balloon, hates to sweat, loves beets, still has her childhood rock collection, got her first tattoo in Vegas on vacation and has only seen snow 4 times as an adult!

JR Linton
At a very young age, JR's parents recognized his gift as an artist. Once the paint was shaved off of the family dog, they encouraged him to move to other media. As his talent and desire to create grew, his dad would steal reams and reams of 11 x 17 paper from his office to feed his son's growing habit. His mom would keep him on a steady diet of Kool-Aid and American-cheese-and-mustard sandwiches. This kept his mind sharp and his pencils sharper.

JR studied his craft diligently at school, always striving to be that kid in class whom everyone would turn to when they needed a great mustache drawn on the face of a portrait in a history book, or a completely lifelike penis and balls on a desk (in permanent marker, of course).

He received his first break in the world of professional graphic arts at the age of 16, working for a local comic book creator and publisher. Many a late night, he stayed up doing paste-up, inking and coloring on books that nobody read. When the company tanked suddenly, Linton found his way to the world of digital art and web design. Here, his highly analytical mind (an more Kool-Aid) helped him achieve an excellent understanding of interactive arts and computer programming. Having actually visited every page on the internet, he then began his journey into tattooing. Here, he could delve into his favorite two pastimes: art, and hurting people and getting paid for it. As a tattoo artist, Linton was able to return to his traditional art roots, yet still maintain a connection to the technology he has learned over the past ten years.

This allows him to take his art to a new level: World Domination. Under the guise of a simple artist, JR has slowly been building his army of loyal automatons. They are controlled by special devices hidden in each of his paintings and works of art. Their minds twisted and distorted, they travel in droves and hand over cash by the pile just to catch a glimpse of his latest work. They make t-shirts and bumper stickers that pledge their undying love for him and bring him Dr Pepper by the truckload! Muahahaha…

Perhaps we've said too much. Forget that last bit. See his artwork here.

Featured Products

Don’t Open Till X-mas
JR Linton
   $20.00 Rollin Bones
JR Linton
   $40.00 Thirteen
JR Linton
   $20.00 Broke
JR Linton

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