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Been a while !!! We dont often update this page apparently we've been busy over the last 7 years!

Our Gallery Events are on hold with Covid Restrictions. The Gallery itself is still open noon till 10pm Tuesday - Saturday At our new location 923 Belvedere, just up the street from the old shop.

We will let you know once shows resume, sign up for our mailing list to keep in the know. And as always look for updates on facebook and instagram

We've changed up a bunch of stuff since you've probably last visited. Check out the streamlined categories, key word searches and cleaner design. Now go buy some shit.

Holy shit its a big update! About 50 new products added Check 'em out!

C3P-Oh! - Poster 8x10 - $20.00

R2-2Ds - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00

Roll Out - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00

Weapon XXX - 8x10 Acrylic Original - $300.00
Weapon XXX - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00

The Amazing Spider Boobs - 8x10 Acrylic Original - $300.00
The Amazing Spider Boobs - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00

Shhh - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00

Bed Time - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00

Punishment - 8x10 Acrylic Original - $300.00
Punishment - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00

Supa Mario Brouraza - Poster Print 12x24 - $45.00

Unmasked - Poster Print 12x24 - $45.00

Queen of Hearts - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00
Queen of Hearts - Poster Print 16x20 - $50.00

Dirty Girl - 16 x 20 Acrylic Original - $1,000.00
Dirty Girl - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00
Dirty Girl - Poster Print 16x20 - $50.00

Chick Fight - 16 x 20 Acrylic Original - $1,000.00
Chick Fight - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00
Chick Fight - Poster Print 16x20 - $50.00

Orange Appeal - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00
Orange Appeal - Poster Print 12x12 - $40.00

Going Down - Poster Print 8x10 - $20.00
Going Down - 16 x 20 Acrylic Original - $1,000.00
Going Down - Poster Print 16x20 - $50.00

Yami - 12 x 12 Acrylic Original - $400.00

Coco Tote - Lipstick Pink and Silver White - $234.00

Coco Tote - Lime Green and Glossy Black - $234.00

Coco Shoulder - Silver White and Seafoam Green - $220.00

Tuck and Roll Shoulder - Lime Green and Glossy Black - $210.00

Roadster Shoulder - Glossy Black and Marigold - $210.00

Large Clutch - Lime Green - $65.00

Small Clutch - Baby Blue - $49.00

Small Clutch - Lipstick Pink - $49.00

Small Clutch - Violet - $49.00

Small Clutch - Seafoam Green - $49.00

Checkbook Wallet - Seafoam Green - $49.00

Checkbook Wallet - Lime Green - $49.00

Checkbook Wallet - Lipstick Pink - $49.00

Trucker Wallet - Black Coal - $35.00

Trucker Wallet - Dark Blue - $35.00

Trucker Wallet - Marigold - $35.00

Mini Wallet - Black Coal - $29.00

Mini Wallet - Violet - $29.00

Mini Wallet - Lipstick Pink - $29.00

Mini Wallet - Silver White - $29.00

GIRLS-Ink and Pistons Tattoo- Shop T-shirt - $20.00
GUYS-Ink and Pistons Tattoo- Shop T-shirt - $20.00

We are excited to announce the opening of out brick and morter store and art gallery! We have opened a huge art gallery and tattoo shop in west palm beach. We had an amazing grand opening show and are getting ready for our next show for all the details and upcoming events check out InkandPistons.com gallery info here.

Hey there, Long time no update! Yeah, Yeah I'm a lazy shit.. anyway.. Here's a quicky: New Star Boobies 8x10's Available!!! Check 'em out:

Boobie Fett - Poster 8 x10

Boob Trooper - Poster 8 x10

Boob Solo in Carbonite- Poster 8 x10

The Dark Lord of the Tit - Poster 8 x10

The Emperor's Busty Guard - Poster 8 x10

Boobacca The Tittie - Poster 8 x10

Catch us at Ink-And-Iron 2011 in Long beach, California new stuff and great discounts! June 10th through the 12th!


Super Mega Wow Post!!!
Ok first I wanted to let everyone know I will be starting to take bookings for the South Florida Tattoo Expo Aug 13th - 15th. Contact me at jr@hellcattattoo.com If you want to get tattooed at the show! I'm especially looking for some crazy shit to do for tattoo of the day for each of the days. Also a call to all my previously tattooed folks. If you have any pieces you want to enter in the competition I'd be much appreciated. Contest is on Saturday, be there early to register.

On to other business. Ok my slacking ass finally got around to adding new products to the SlushBox.com store. I have all the prints of all 9 editions of the Tits and Tats series including the 3 up posters (three prints in one 12 x18 poster) They are also available individually.

Also listed are the prints of Breezy, Pink Love, Look at the Bird, Meant to be and Can't Stop the Rock!

And finally some new original paintings are finally available including the 3 Tits and Tats Sets, Pink Love, Can't Stop the Rock, Look at the Bird, my new fav Breezy, and the cool and cheap 6x6 Flasher. Check them out below!

Beat Down 12x6


El Diablo 12x6


Fink 12x6


Classy 12x6


Baby Doll 12x6


Man’s Ruin 12x6


Oni 12 x 6


Sakura 12x6


Tatsu 12x6


Hot Rod

Originals | Poster

Japanese Set

Originals | Poster

Traditional Set

Originals | Poster

Can't Stop
the Rock 8.5x15

Giclee | Poster | Original

Breezy 12x12

Poster | Original

Pink Love 11x14

Giclee | Poster | Original

Look at that Bird
on the Pier 12x6

Poster | Original

Meant to Be 12x6


Flasher 6x6


All sorts of goodies this month...

First thanks to everyone that came out to support us at the 14th South Florida Tattoo Expo. JR took home a new trophy for his wall. And we met a bunch of cool people and had a blast

Second we will be partaking in the Bear and Bird Off the Needle Tattoo Artist show this month for more info go to Bear and Bird

Third we have a ton of new products in the store check them out:
La Mujer Sin Nombre 18 x 24
Giclee | Poster | Original

Beloved 12 x 16
Giclee | Poster | Original
Robin's Egg
SkateBoard Deck
Outta' Time T-Shirt
Unisex | Girls
Brake Pedal Love
Girls Shoes

JR Linton will be tattooing and selling almost all the merchandise from Slushbox.com at the Ink and Iron Tattoo Festival June 5th - 7th on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Check out the show if you are in the area: www.ink-n-iron.com

Slushbox will be attending and JR will be tattooing at Tattofest in Tampa end of March, stop by and say hi.


OK you asked for it so its finally up:
Game Over 24 x 12 : featuring your favorite 8bit brothers in a "sticky" situation Available in Poster| Canvas | Original

Ok it's been a while there is a huge update this month. I have 6 brand new paintings listed here available in poster, giclee and original art. Check them out:
Robin's Egg 12 x 24
Giclee | Poster | Original

Broke 16 x 20
Giclee | Poster | Original

Valentine 8 x 10
Poster | Original
Shi 12 x 12
Giclee | Poster
Fired 12 x 9
Poster | Original
Lil Octopus Girl 8 x 10
Poster | Original

Welcome New Artist Jamie Burton To the site. Here's just a few of his bad ass paintings:

Check out all the New products from Wes Core

Slushbox will be at the Heavy Rebel Weekender July 6th, 7th and 8th. Come buy and pick up some art, t-shits's and more.

Heavy Rebel 2007

All orders over 50 bucks will receive a free 2007 Slushbox Calendar. (Yeah Yeah i know its April, shudup!) No need to add it to your cart it will just ship if you want an extra one you can order them too for only $4.

Check it out:

Check out the SlushBox.com Model A. I've been building this car for about a year now and its finally moving under its own power. Thanks to Smiley, Squiggy and sometimes Slip for all their help. On to the pics: SlushBox.Car

3 quickie news items:
  1. On stands now! Check out the January 2007 Issue of International Tattoo Art for an article on JR. Pictures up now in the media section

  2. SlushBox.com will be at the 2007 Gold Coast Tattoo Expo. January 26 & 27th Broward County Convention Center. Look for the Hellcat Tattoo or Slushbox Booths.

    Contact me soon about booking at the convention.


  3. We will also be at the Atomic Holiday Bazaar. December 10th come by and wish me a happy birthday.

Welcome new artist Wes to the site.

See more evil...


Check out the new offerings from artist Scott Fisk:

Check out the two newest additions to the site:
Bonneville - Giclee | Poster Print | Original

Hellcat's - Giclee | Poster Print | Original

OK I finally got one of my favorite paintings listed: El Vendetta available in poster or giclee

Also check out:
Mach Tortoise

We've added some new artsists. Welcome Scott Fisk and Tick One Check 'em out!

Check out the newest painting: available as Giclee, Print or Orignial Art

Also Check out:
The King Lives?
Lollipop Chop

I've just uploaded a bunch of new original paintings. some of these were on reserve for a gallery but they are out and available now.

check'em out

We've updated our site a little. Check out the new features.

Featured Products

Hot Rod Skull
Lisa Palladino
   $250.00 Bang! Bang!
JR Linton
   $50.00 Brothers
JR Linton
   $20.00 Thirteen
JR Linton

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